Big Nutrition and Taste in Tiny Packages

Big nutrition in small packages. While conventional or super market produce has gotten so “empty”, Our MicroFarms can deliver many nutrients lacking in items you get on store shelves that have been transported from sometimes halfway around the world. Small space farming on your counter top or windowsill delivers micro crops in almost “instant” production (some crops in as little as 6-8 days from seed to eat). Studies have shown that these "micro" crops can deliver anywhere from 4 to 40 times the nutrient value of conventionally raised crops.

Our farms are made with many recycled elements and fertilized by all natural worm castings, kelp, organic minerals and fertilizer that is custom blended and manufactured in the US. All seeds are Non GMO and many organic or heirloom. You control your crop and know what went into it, you cannot get any more nutritious or fresh. Local is the new organic and our Grow to Eat kits are the "localest" you can get!

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