Garden Cress Microgreen Wellness Kit, Grow Your Own Crops of Fresh & Live Microgreens to Harvest and Consume Right in Your Home


There are so many claims of what microgreens can do and provide. If you google the term microgreens, there are well over 800,000 mentions found on the net. Many claim all sorts of wondrous results and show you how to grow and use them. The common item is that microgreens are a wonderful sources of nutrients just like the fully grown vegetable that they would grow into. Microgreens are also much safer to grow and consume than sprouts.

In India and Europe, the medicinal properties of garden cress have been recognized for centuries. This culinary and healing herb has a tangy, peppery taste similar to leaf mustard and watercress, which is actually not surprising considering that garden cress is botanically related to both. Thanks to its distinctive flavor and high nutritional value, garden cress makes a tasty and healthy addition to salads and sandwiches. Can be garnished on any dish to add a distinctive flavor and delicate visuals.

Our new Microgreen Wellness Kits will feature various crops that are mentioned above and others shown to have an impact on wellness. To reap the greatest health benefits of microgreens, they should be eaten immediately after harvest. Microgreens, like most other superfoods should consumed fresh, as they lose their nutritional value rapidly after harvest.

This kit contains a growing container that is made out of recycled plastic bottles and provides a humidity cover for the growing system. Also included is a disc of Wondersoil which is compressed coir with worm castings and nutrients. Our garden cress seeds are organic and non GMO and we include a seed spreader to make seeding the tray much simpler. We believe we have created one of the most potent sources of nutrition that can be had anywhere. We provide a sprayer head that you can put on a used drink bottle to mist your seeds and water your microgreens.

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