Super K Red Amaranth Grow to Eat Microgreen Kit, 4 Crops of Fresh & Live Microgreens to Harvest and Consume Right in Your Home


There are so many claims of what microgreens can do and provide. If you google the term microgreens, there are well over 800,000 mentions found on the net. Many claim all sorts of wondrous results and show you how to grow and use them. The common item is that microgreens are a wonderful sources of nutrients just like the fully grown vegetable that they would grow into. Microgreens are also much safer to grow and consume than sprouts.

A 2012 Univ of Maryland & USDA microgreen study analyzed the levels of phylloquinone (the type of vitamin K produced by plants) in different micro-sized greens, and found the highest levels of vitamin K in amaranth microgreens (Red Garnet variety). The researchers observed marked differences in vitamin K concentration between different microgreens, with the values ranging from 0.6 to 4.1 micrograms per gram. These awesome looking and tasting micro plants are great looking and have an earthy taste like fresh beets.

This kit contains 2 growing containers that are made out of recycled plastic bottles. Also included is enough Wondersoil MicroFarm Blend (2 large wafers, each makes enough for 2 trays) which contains compressed coir with worm castings and kelp. All our seeds are Non GMO and will be premeasured ready to seed and grow with our seed spreader that is also included. Finally, we include a "rain" head that fits on discarded plastic bottles so you can mist your seeds and irrigate your crops. We will provide you full instructions and support via email.

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