Crunchy Greens, Window MicroFarm Pea Shoot Kit, 3 Trays of Flavorful and Beautiful Fresh Pea Shoots


Long a european and asian favorite, the young pea plant stem, leaves and tendrils known as pea shoots are quickly becoming a darling for those looking for new sources of nutrients and amazing taste and textures. Disrtibuted food production at its best, our micro farm unit will provide a nice supply of pea shoots that you grow and harvest right in your home, bringing a farm to your windowsill.

The nutritional benefits from pea shoots are truly amazing. Did you know that pea shoots provides more than seven times the Vitamin C of blueberries and four times the Vitamin A of tomatoes. They are also an amazing source of Vitamin K where one cup provides 66% of the daily value as prescribed for adults.

Our pea plants are specially bred to provide pea shoots with graceful tendrils and leaves. You harvest the shoots by cutting just above the second leaf on the plant and the plants will branch another set of tendrils and leaves to harvest. Typically you will get multiple shoots from every plant in your tray. One tray will provide you an ongoing supply of pea shoots bringing a farm to your windosill. We recommend a pre soak of the peas and you should be ready to harvest your first shoot in 8-10 days.

The Grow to Eat Pea Shoot Kit contains supplies for three complete crops of peas specially bred for tendrils and shoots. Also included is our Grow to Eat self watering trays for easy windowsill farming. The WonderSoil coco peat compressed growing media is specially blended and contains worm castings, trace minerals and kelp to promote superior plant growth. Pea seeds are all Non GMO. All supplies are sourced from US suppliers.

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