Grow Purple Kohlrabi Microgreen Kit - Brassica Seeds, Grow Media & Self Watering Grow Trays


Fulfill your green thumb goals and cultivate thriving brilliantly colored microgreens in your own home! The Super Brassica Kohlrabi Microgreen Kit includes non-GMO purple varieties of brassicas, kohlrabi along with a custom blended soil that will bring out the nutritious perks of your microgreen crop. Plant your seeds in the reusable micro farm units and you’ll see the leafy crop surface in just a little over a week. These nutritional powerhouses all contain high concentrations of Vitamins C, B, and K as well as a wealth of other minerals. When cultivated in micro form, the purple wonders deliver exceptionally high levels of nutrients and anthocyanins in every tiny bite!

Each kit contains 1 complete self watering micro farm microgreen growing trays. Coir based growing media and non-GMO Kohlrabi seeds premeasured for each tray. Choose either one crop in our starter kit or a five crop starter kit that has seeds and growing media for 4 complete crops.

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