Chinese Cabbage, NASA Chosen for Space Food - Great Taste and Nutrition


Not often seen but spectacular tokyo bekana cabbage have been called the japanese version of chinese cabbage. The beautiful lime green micro provides a striking contrast to the deep greens of most of our crops. It has a nice crunch and sweeter flavor that gives you a nice flavor boost in your microgreen arsenal.

Recently chosen as a leafy green for space travel, tokyo bekana is introduced in a ​​recent blog entry from NASA which highlighted the choice and the initiation of grow trials in space. The amazing plant was chosen by NASA since it is like a lettuce or cabbage but fast growing and contains a potent array of nutrients to provide for life in space.

Here is NASA's take on it, "For the first time, a Chinese cabbage variety named Tokyo Bekana will be grown in space. The cabbage was chosen as a good candidate because it is a quick growing leafy green that is rated highly from a nutritional and taste perspective. "

Complete kit contains our new bottom watering grow tray that solves the watering problems when growing microgreens. We include 5 wafers of compressed organic coir and 5 seed packets that are premeasured to fit the trays. Tokyo Bekana is one of our fastest growing microgreens and can be harvested and enjoyed in 6-8 days from seed to table Complete instructions and support over the web.

Our kits will allow you to grow and taste this outstanding microgreen right in your own home, space travel not required!

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