LED Supplemental Grow to Eat Grow Light, Low Energy Grow Light, Add to our Grow to Eat Kits for Complete Indoor Microgreen Solution


We use this combination after searching extensively for a effective grow lighting solution for single trays. This particular combination features a grow light in the red/blue range that consumes power equivilent to a night light. We use this light combination for growing out all sorts of plants and the spectrum seems to nicely enhance growth in our microgreens. Because of the goose neck mount, this unit can be fitted to most any height of plants so we can direct the light at the optimum height as plants grow by simply adjusting the height via the mount. The power supply is a standard cell phone charger so can also be used to charge your phone as there are two ports available. This light unit could also be used for supplemental lighting for small indoor house plants. Comes complete as pictured, you can see from the photos of our growing systems that the unit is easily configurable.

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