Edible Nasturtium Grow to Eat Microgreen Kit, 4 Crops of Spectacular and Flavorful Microgreens


Nasturtiums are all the rage with their beautiful edible flowers gracing so many dishes and salads. But did you know that the little stems and flowers are also edible. Known earlier as "Indian Cress" the edible plant had the peppery flavor of cress.

Nasturtium also had medicinal uses as the microgreens have a high content of Vit C and iron, while the leaves also have antibiotic properties that peak before the plant flowers. Because of these properties, the inclusion of these nasturtium microgreens can help with things like sore throats, common colds and bacterial and fungal infections.

Peppery Nasturtium Microgreen Grow to Eat kit. Grow 4 complete crops of this cress like delight. Our grow to eat kit provides you with all you need to grow 4 complete trays of nasturtium microgreens. Each kit contains 2 growing trays made of recycled plastic bottles. The growing media is provided by 2 wafers of Wonder Soil that contains natural nutrients and growing media of compressed cocont coir, simply rehydrate and fill your trays to grow. We also include a "rain" head bottle topper for easy watering. Also furnished are enough non GMO seed for your trays. Complete instructions and online support provided.

Nasturtium microgreens take a little longer to grow out then our smaller plants, figure on 10-14 days for optimum harvest time ... seed to fork!

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