Auto Watering MicroFarm w LED Grow Light Microgreen Kit, You Cannot Get Better Nutrition, Fresher


Grow to Eat Kit with our LED Grow light ... 5 Crops Salad Mix

Taking our original SIP design, Linesh Pillai from Urban Green Fate Farms in India has engineered a breakthrough product for microgreen growing. The product has been used in schools, institutions, restaurants and high end resorts to provide “zero carbon greens” from seed to fork in 7 to 10 days. No transportation or chemicals so you get guaranteed fresh nutrition, you cannot get any fresher than “grow to eat”.

The MicroFarm kit provides our innovative microgreen growing system (2 piece bottom wicking tray system) and includes sprouting seed packets of our Non GMO Salad Mix (broccoli, kale, arugula, cabbage, kohlrabi and mustard). The growing media is organic coir wafers which is enough coir based “soil” for full trays as pictured. We have included a supplemental instruction sheet on the reverse side of the packaging and provide internet based support and help.

One of the biggest hurdles for the microgreen grower is the watering of these tiny plants. Our Grow to Eat kits allow the plants to "sip" the proper amount of water without any work other than keeping water in the lower tray. The kits contain enough supplies to grow 5 complete trays as pictured. Ready to eat in 7-10 days! Not only the freshest but most nutritionally rich food you can get!

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