Restaurant & Juice Bar Microgreen Starter Kit


Our self watering microgreen Grow to Eat kits are being used in many restaurants and resorts in Mumbai and Hawaii. We are offering a starter kit w our self watered trays, coir growing media and seeds. Each tray is approx 5"x7" so they take up minimal space. (note: 4 tray per day option is for two kits as described ... contact us directly for larger options or different configurations)

This kit contains 20 self watering growing trays (reusable), enough supplies to grow out 60 trays of assorted microgreens, "rain" head bottle topper for moistening the seeds for initial germination, seed spreader for ease of seeding. We will provide detailed instructions and ideas for display. The growing trays and tank are reusable and have proven to be extremely durable. This unit will grow out 2 trays of microgreens per day with supplies for 30 days of continuous daily production. We have found that a minimum of 2 trays per day is great for a starter use. It will take approx 20 mins per day to plant and oversee the plants. Once the first trays are harvested, you would replant two trays per day along with maintaining the trays (simple visual examination of the water tank will enable you to ensure proper hydration.)

Large installations like the Andaz Delhi (as pictured) have several hundred trays going at once that allows their chefs to have access to the finest nutrition and visual components for their customers. You can add our micro farms in any free space indoors or out. Join the microgreen nutrition revolution and up the bar for nutrition and visual highlights to your dishes!

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