Shoots n Sprouts, Peas Two Ways are Awesome! Kit to Do Both Right in Your Own Home!


Pea shoots and sprouts are mainstays for anyone who enjoys the fresh taste of peas while getting the absolute freshest dose of nutrition available. Search the internet and you will find all sorts of writeups on the nutrition from these incredible fresh microgreens and sprouts. Our kit includes all you will need (except the wide mouth mason jar) to both grow the pea shoots and sprout peas in your home.

Pea sprouts will be ready in 4-5 days while the pea shoots take about 10days to first crop but will provide you with regrowth through at least three cuttings or harvest as shown. I like to have one being harvested while a second just growing (as shown on my windowsill) so I can have an ongoing supply of the lucious shoots for salad or cooking. The sprouts will keep in your refrigerator for days and provide a nice crunch to either salads or cooking also. Arguably one of the best delivery systems for nutrients and vitamins, these wonders of nature will tickle your palate and body.

Kit contains 2 self watering microgreen grow kits, 4 Wonder Soil wafer to grow the shoots, pre measured packets of peas (4 total crops) shoots and

4 larger packets of peas for sprouts along with a sprouting top (color may be different from photos)

Detailed instructions included along with support, refills available also.

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