Rapid Red Greens Microgreens 5-7 Days Seed to Harvest


The extreme health benefits of microgreens are indisputable as basic research has shown that microgreens contain anywhere from 4 to 40 times the nutrient value of their mature counterparts. We have in our growing kits things like sprout mixes that can be eaten in 3-4 days ... and microgreens from 7-30 days depending on the crops. We have grown various radish varieties to harvest stage now successfully in 5 days (see pics below). These fit in between the sprouts and micros so I am referring to them as hyper greens for their rapid growth.

While researching we discovered another fascinating reason these are essentially a super grouping of radishes. It has been shown that the compounds in broccoli and radish are cancer fighters, but even more fascinating is that there is a degradation in the amounts of the glucosinolate which is the cancer fighting compound from the seed stage, so the quicker a radish is grown, the more potent the levels of cancer fighting compounds. Research studies also show that the glucosinolate in the radish might be superior to broccoli since radish has a ​different path to oxidizing the compound. Additional benefits come from eating the radish early in the sprout cycle and in its raw or fresh state.

The kits include supplies to grow 5 crops of these red stemmed radishes: new Grow to Eat self watering system, 5 wafers of compressed organic coir and non GMO radish seeds, seed spreader and small "rain" head bottle topper for irrigating the germinating seeds.

Our new Hyper Green Kits feature organically grown radish micros as pictured. Aside from these great benefits for health, these are spectacular looking greens with a pinkish red stem and bright green leaves. The taste is radishy so it adds a zing to salads and sandwiches and stir fry!

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