Original Superfood, Broccoli Microgreen Grow Kit


The original "Superfood" that actually had a patent granted in the late '90's (1999 by Johns Hopkins and Dr Paul Talalay) that was eventually fought and rescinded, but the research remains that showed broccoli had amazing anti-cancer properties.

Later work has shown that these same sprouts have efficacy when used to mitigate cardiovascular disease, autism, toxic air pollution, and promotes healthy gut bacteria.

We offer you an complete kit to grow for your consumption five crops of these wonderful microgreens that would be great to add to your diet and we believe these fresh microgreens are the most powerful supplements that provide you fresh and potent bioavailable enzymes and minerals to help with all of these and provide an influence to support healthy aging.

Our kit contains our newly developed self watering containers, 5 wafers of organic coir growing media, 5 packs of organic broccoli seeds all to provide you with the supplies to grow 5 complete trays as pictured. These microgreens take anywhere from 7-11 days from seed to harvest. The coir can be placed in your garden or composted to then provide more rich growing media for further plantings. We will supply full instructions and support.

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