Longevity Mix, natural nutritional supplements


"Live Long and Prosper" the famous Vulcan blessing uttered by Spock actually was a Yiddish blessing he learned early in his childhood ... regardless of the origin and intent, this is a wonderful guide for us all. In that vein we would like to introduce our first mix designed to do just that.

The Urbafresh Longevity Mix combines several proven nutritional powerhouses into a beautiful and flavorful microgreen mashup. We have taken broccoli, kale and red cabbage and created this ultimate mix for you. Spurred on by this article in the Buffalo News highlighting the work of researcher, Dr Li Tang, associate professor of oncology in the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control at the Roswell Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo. Dr Tang is convinced by her work that broccoli and its close relatives can help us live longer and prosper by enjoying the power of this natural supplement.

"She and a small circle of researchers across the country already have published information on the cancer-fighting benefits of vegetables that include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, and mustard, collard and turnip greens.

They also have begun an exciting new phase of examination to determine whether powerful phytochemicals – natural sulphur compounds produced by plants – can be used to treat certain types of cancer, as well as chronic disease." .. "We see reduced risk for mortality," Tang said.

Our kit contains our bottom watered microgreen growing system along with 5 packets of pre measured seeds and 5 wafers of organic coir growing media. Instructions and support includeded. Each tray is approx 5"x7" and is pictured at 10days of growth from seed to harvest.

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