School & Institutional Microgreen Starter, Trays, 3 LED Lights, Scale, Seeds, Media 100+ crops


Our self watering microgreen Grow to Eat kits are being used in many institutions globally. We are offering a starter kit w our self watered trays, coir growing media and seeds. Each tray is approx 5"x7" so they take up minimal space. The kit also includes 3 small (4" head) LED grow lights with power supplies that we use to grow microgreens. The units will provide another dimension of experiment where you can see the effects of the often used LED grow lights in CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture). Simply plug the units into the power bricks and plug units into existing wall or bench sockets or use extension cords to create a mini LED lab environment.

This kit contains 21 self watering growing trays (reusable), enough supplies to grow out 100+ trays of a basic salad microgreen mix (broccoli, kale, arugula, kohlrabi, cabbage), sprayer head (place on plastic bottle) for moistening the seeds for initial germination, seed spreader for ease of seeding and a small micro scale for weighing out proper amount of seeds. The mix will yield a crop as pictured in 7-12 days of growth depending on your lighting and other conditions.

The growing trays and tank are reusable and have proven to be extremely durable. With supplies for 100+ crops, there will be adequate opportunities to experiment with lights, seed density, water, external variable such as temperature and humidity, and various factors that can influence the growth of our microgreen crops. The spent media can be successfully reused by composting for 60days or more to recreate a nutrient rich coir growing environment.

You can utilize and convenient shelving and window areas to provide growing sites around your classroom or building. The very act of growing and nurturing living plants has been proven to have impact on growing minds. Let students know where their produce comes from and get back to the farm in your classroom or site. All will delight when harvesting their crops and eating them on top of sandwiches, in salads or right from the tray!

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