Kale Microgreens, Better Than Original Leafy Superfood


Kale has been the top of the super food list for many years now. Kale mania has swept the country. The mature kale is tough and fibrous with heavy stems, microgreens provide a simple way to consume the whole kale plants without all the tough stuff that is normally thrown out.

From our seed supplier, "Also referred to as Tuscan Kale, this microgreen is rich in flavor and nutrients. It emits an aroma similar to other brassicas like mustard, and the flavor is just as bold and nutty, only without the spice, making it ideal for adding flavor to a dish for those who a sensitive to spice and heat."

Microgreens like our kit grows can give you anywhere from 4-40 times the nutrients of the mature vegetables that you normally get in the supermarket. So you can see that adding just a bit of our microgreen production can provide you with a nice dose of the goodness of one of the newest foods dubbed super.

Our Kale Microgreen Kit includes supplies for either a single crop or five complete crops; self watering microgreen grow tray system. Coir wafer growing media. Non GMO seeds in pre measured packets. Instructions and support provided to you via the internet.

Harvest in 8-12 days! Kale microgreens provide all of the goodness with a milder and yet fresh crunchy goodness that you will love.

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